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Australia 2014 - Day 22 - From Kakadu to the Litchfield National Park

This day was the day of changing of the national parks. The goal was a caravan park, where i had booked a campsite yesterday which was located close to the Litchfield National Park. The park was 285 km far away from the Gagadju Lodge in Cooinda, so it shoulld be a plenty of time to reach the goal stressless.

So I packed my luggage in my car, turned my bluetooth loudspeaker on and started my daily trip in the early afternoon. When I turned on the main street and looked along the endless street which disappeared in the horizon something happened inside myself. I recognized that I was the only car on the street only bordered from the rain forrest on both side. No car before and behind me, only myself in this tropical landscape. I felt like in a road movie, start to sing, was so happy and felt the freedom in my heart.

On the way to the Litchfield Park the Gunlom Falls were located on the left side of the street. I reached the turn-off after on hour driving. I didn't plan to visit them, but it was early in the morning, I decided to visit the falls too. The falls were around 29 km from the main street away, but the way lead over bumpy dirty roads. So it was really fun togo there again.

The drive to the falls took more time than i thought because the last 6 km were very rough and I have to drive very carefully. At the end i was a little bit disappointed from the waterfall. The fall itself was higher what have seen before, but the fall didn't have much water. But the receptionist of the Gagadje Lodge was telling me this in the morning. But I can't change the nature. It is how its. The reason for the less water was that we were on the end of the dry season. And it hasn't rained since month here. It will be changed in around 2 months when in the Kakadu National Park the wet seasons with large thunderstorm will start and change the landscape here completely.

After a short break on the falls I continued my trip and made a stop after 2 h drive in Pine Greek. Pine Greek was typical small Australian village withe wide streets, with a fuel station,

a pub with one drunken guest, an old train station from the 19th century which was already a museum

and some other funny buildings.

But the coffee in the pub was good and i had to fuel my car.

After another hour over endless streets I reached my goal the Litchfield Caravan Park.