Berlin, Germany

Hagen Seyring - Photography

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  1. Arrival in Darwin

  2. Bar in the Ghan Express

  3. Lounge carriage in the Ghan Express

  4. Pool in the Katherine Gorge

  5. Painted hands on a rock inthe Katherine Gorge

  6. Aboriginal arts in the Katherine Gorge

  7. Unconnected greek in the Katherine Gorge

  8. Water pool in the Katherine Gorge

  9. Steep rocks oin the Katherine Gorge

  10. Tour throughthe Katherine Gorge

  11. Our skipper on the Katherine Gorge

  12. Break in Katherine

  13. Wating for departure to Darwin

  14. Camel stables

  15. The barracks

  16. Inside the camel stables

  17. Camel stables

  18. Radiotelegraphy device

  19. Telegraph equipement

  20. Another view at the Stationsmaster's Residence

  21. The Stationsmaster's Residence